A comprehensive approach to solving the problems of simulation and synthesis of vehicle engine sounds makes it possible to obtain an unlimited number of samples of any length, at any engine speed (RPM) and under any engine load. Owing to this approach, during the application of the crossfade looping method to reproduce the engine sound, the negative effect of pitch is reduced to a minimum.

It is possible to adapt a set of samples for any task (game, simulator) or platform (Flash, HTML5, FMOD, etc) you like. The set can be made up of short samples if, to save the system resources, a small data volume is required. Or it can be made up of a great number of very long samples if one needs high quality sound and the system resources make it possible. It is also possible to combine the application of different sets. For example, after starting the system you can immediately listen to a set of short samples and, as the system is being further loaded, pass on to longer samples and to a greater number of them.

For modern simulation systems, it is possible to produce a set of sound samples for an absolutely smooth engine acceleration and deceleration under various loads.


We sell licenses only on ready samples (wave files).

Non commercial use of the engine sound samples

Engine sound samples presented on the website and avaliable for downloading are distributed under the this license.

Commercial use of the engine sound samples

In order to purchase a commercial license please contact mail@sonory.org

Order the engine sound samples

If you don’t find the samples you need on our website you can order them. For this purpose please contact mail@sonory.org

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