Type of engine: straight-six four-strokes.
The following sound pack contains of totally 56 samples of L6 engine, including 28 samples at no load and 28 samples at full load. The file storage consists of the following files:

000_01289.wav 100_01289.wav
000_01379.wav 100_01379.wav
000_01476.wav 100_01476.wav
000_01579.wav 100_01579.wav
000_01690.wav 100_01690.wav
000_01808.wav 100_01808.wav
000_01935.wav 100_01935.wav
000_02070.wav 100_02070.wav
000_02215.wav 100_02215.wav
000_02370.wav 100_02370.wav
000_02536.wav 100_02536.wav
000_02714.wav 100_02714.wav
000_02904.wav 100_02904.wav
000_03107.wav 100_03107.wav
000_03324.wav 100_03324.wav
000_03557.wav 100_03557.wav
000_03806.wav 100_03806.wav
000_04072.wav 100_04072.wav
000_04357.wav 100_04357.wav
000_04662.wav 100_04662.wav
000_04988.wav 100_04988.wav
000_05337.wav 100_05337.wav
000_05711.wav 100_05711.wav
000_06111.wav 100_06111.wav
000_06539.wav 100_06539.wav
000_06997.wav 100_06997.wav
000_07487.wav 100_07487.wav
000_08011.wav 100_08011.wav

The file name format is as follows:
“000_n.wav” are sounds at no load, while “100_n.wav” are sounds at full load; “n” means number of RPM. Each file is perfectly looped and has a duration of about 1 second.

Files Format: mono, 16 bit, 22050 Hz, PCM

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